Using AI to Understand and Act on the Employee Voice with CultureX Co-Founder Charlie Sull

May 8, 2024

Welcome back to The Grey Areas podcast! This week, we’re breaking new ground as we welcome our first male guest, Charlie Sull, to the show. Charlie is not just any guest; he’s a true visionary in the realms of corporate culture and artificial intelligence.

Join us as we delve into Charlie’s expertise, which has reshaped the landscape of corporate culture understanding. As the co-founder of CultureX, Charlie’s data-driven insights have sparked meaningful change across industries worldwide. His work has garnered global recognition, earning him features in prestigious publications like the New York Times and the Wall Street Journal.

In this captivating episode, Charlie shares his unparalleled insights into the intersection of corporate culture and AI. We explore the strategies for enhancing organizational work culture and the intricate analysis of employee feedback and workplace dynamics.

Tune in as we explore:
• 8:20 – Unveiling the process behind a culture audit and leveraging AI for transformative insights.
• 15:30 – Tactical advice for leaders navigating toxic cultures head-on.
• 21:00- The pivotal role of middle managers in shaping work culture dynamics.
• 22:30 – Understanding the CEO’s pivotal commitment to cultural detox efforts.
• 30:20- Exploring the profound impact of workplace stress on organizational culture.
• 34:50- Delving into the concept of psychological safety and its transformative power.
• 39:00 – Cubicle Confessions: Tackling the challenge of navigating toxic leadership and the indispensable role of HR in fostering cultural change.

Don’t miss this enlightening discussion as we unravel the intricacies of corporate culture and chart a course for meaningful transformation!

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Charlie’s Links:
Charlie Sull LinkedIn
CultureX Website

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