Create & Cultivate CEO Marina Middleton’s Advice on Personal Branding, Layoffs, and Leadership

May 6, 2024

Tune in to the latest episode of The Grey Area’s podcast, where we’re thrilled to host the incredible Marina Middleton! As a devoted mother, wife, and serial entrepreneur, Marina brings a wealth of experience to the table as CEO of Create & Cultivate. With a career marked by resilience and determination, she’s championed women’s empowerment in the entrepreneurial sphere. Marina’s journey through marketing roles at Yahoo and Tumblr has equipped her with invaluable insights into brand building and career advancement.

Join us as Marina shares her wisdom on personal branding, navigating career shifts, and the art of cultivating your own empire. Through her Empowered Confidence platform, she’s empowered countless women to harness their unique narratives and authenticity to forge thriving brands and communities!

Tune in to hear more about:
5:20 – How being an immigrant shaped Marina’s identity today.
7:30 – The transition from corporate to entrepreneurship.
14:45 – The biggest piece of advice for someone in the process of a layoff.
19:20 – Key components of a personal brand.
26:30 – Pitfalls you should avoid when building a personal brand.
39:00 – How Marina honors her own mental health and setting boundaries.
47:00 – Cubicle Confessions: Lack of prioritization, toxic managers, and handling expectations.

Do you have an anonymous Cubicle Confession you liked to share or ask about? Your experiences hold the power to inspire and guide others facing similar challenges! Head to to write or record your message!

Marina’s Links:
Empowered Confidence
Create & Cultivate

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