Hiring, Firing & Managing with Jaclyn Johnson, Founder of Create & Cultivate and Cherub

April 10, 2024

The infamous entrepreneur talks about how to go about firing and experiencing rejection.

Welcome to the first episode of The Grey Areas Podcast! I am so excited to also invite my first guest Jaclyn Johnson to the show! A powerhouse and serial entrepreneur with an impressive track record, Jaclyn sold her first business by the time she was 28 and went on to launch and sell her second multimillion-dollar company, Create & Cultivate - before the age of 35. As an entrepreneur, Jaclyn recognized a gap in resources, events, and community for female entrepreneurs, and created Create & Cultivate as a solution, the first-of-kind platform that incorporated brands of all sizes and categories to uplift female entrepreneurs.This passion for supporting underrepresented founders has led her to create Cherub, a double-sided marketplace bridging the gap between founders and funders. 

Join us as we discuss the ins and outs of everything surrounding hiring, firing and managing and a look into the leadership wisdom and advice Jaclyn has gained over her extensive career thus far!

Tune in to hear: 
• 3:30 – Qualities Jaclyn looked for when hiring in her first business vs. hiring now. 
• 6:42 – How to figure out if someone is a good fit for the culture of a company and strategies for finding top talent.
• 15:00 – Mastering systems and processes when onboarding new clients, as well as establishing critical feedback loops and valuable exiting interviews. 
• 25:00 – Navigating the post-pandemic world with hybrid employees and how the idea of good leadership has changed in the workplace. 
• 31:55 – How to go about firing, and experiencing rejection from a job yourself. 
• 37:05 – Resetting after burnout and learning how to protect your boundaries and energy.
• 43:01 – Cubicle Confessions: When you don’t get promoted, blending employees and the pressure of not disappointing your employer. 

Do you have an anonymous Cubicle Confession you liked to share or ask about? Your experiences hold the power to inspire and guide others facing similar challenges! Head to https://greyareas.com/cubicle-confessions to write or record your message!

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Jaclyn’s Links:
Jaclyn’s Instagram @jaclynrjohnson
Creative And Cultivate Website
Cherub Website
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